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Gudipati Venkata Chalam

19 May 1894 - 4 May 1979

I detest autobiographies. Writing an autobiography presupposes that the writer thinks that he is someone important to the world, he did a great service to people, if he didn’t tell about it, his greatness would not be revealed to the world, and if it is not known it would be a great loss to the world. If someone like me who thinks “Why was I ever born? Once I was, why didn’t I instantly die? Why did I pollute my environs for so long?” writes his story shamelessly, it can never be forgiven. If the writing still happens, it means that things are not in our hands. Besides, I can’t see well. My thoughts won’t speak except through my fingers. What I think does not come through in words. Still, this book is getting written.



Even infinite time is only a moment

In that momentary time, our life is but one moment
Now, an awareness of you and I.
The next moment, neither you nor I
That which is no more
will never come back..


In the infinite past

we were not:
In the infinite future
we will not be:
in the fathomless emptiness
without beginning and end,
just for a moment -
this flash called I !

Chalam Chintana

As part of "Chalam Chintana" Series, has published 'Socialism' in 2016.  'Kala, Cinima' will come out in January 2017. Chalam views on money (Dabbu) will be published in March 2017.


Chalanam Magazine 8 issues published by Chalam Foundation are now available on a CD in Page Flip eBook format .